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RAE Energy delivers excellence in execution

We are a global provider of welding, inspection, and coating services delivering excellence in execution across a variety of pipeline and facility construction and integrity operations.

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Core Values

The Building Blocks Of An Exceptional Team



We aim for zero-incident results and work daily to improve our processes so that our workforce, customers, communities, and environment are safeguarded.



Every dimension of our work is supported by extensive experience, hours of training, layers of qualifications, and a hyper-focused goal to deliver world-class quality work.



We hold ourselves responsible for our commitments, decisions, and actions. Our approach involves careful planning, seeking valuable feedback, follow-though, and tracking progress with measurable outcomes to continuously improve and ensure high performing teams.



We practice open and clear communication internally and externally with our customers, suppliers, and community.



Excellence to us means executing each project with a passion for creating high-quality work, a commitment to overcome challenges, and a culture of innovative problem-solving that has led to break-through processes and technologies.

Our Business Evolution

Company Timeline

People making a difference

Our Leadership

We promote a culture of collaboration, innovation, and excellence in execution to create strong value across our teams.




  • Personal Responsibility:

    For our safety and the safety of our clients and business partners.

  • Being Proactive:

    Managing risk through montitoring and assesing our performance

  • Safety Training as a Standard:

    Leveraging best practices and lessons learned


We recognize the benefits of a healthy lifestyle as a key contributor to a productive work ethic.

Some of our Health Initiatives include:

  • Health Benefits

  • Employee Assistance Programs

  • Access to Online Clinics & Counseling

  • Annual Wellness & Fit To Work examinations

Quality Assurance

  • To Continually Improve:

    Guided by the principles of innovation, equity, & at par with internationally recognized standards

  • To Recognize Our Critical Role:

    In producing and maintaining quality

  • To Maintain:

    A dynamic leadership instilled with integrity and a culture of excellence


  • Our Culture:

    Making safe & environmentally conscious decisions

  • Environmental Impact:

    All materials are evaluated carefully for their potential impact on the environment and disposal requirement

  • Environment Protection:

    Building safe pipelines and facilities

People making a difference

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We strive to be the very best in what we do.

We believe diversity and a passionate work ethic are key drivers to well-rounded top-performing teams. We serve our customers from several offices and facility centers located around the world. Check out our Careers page for more information.

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