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Founded in 2003, UT Quality is a global provider of nondestructive testing (NDT) services to the energy and industrial industries for new construction and integrity projects.


UT Quality specializes in offshore and onshore pipeline construction operations, offering a wide range of advanced and conventional NDT methods to examine and deliver in-depth analysis of girth weld quality.

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Advanced NDT

UT Quality specializes in advanced NDT techniques like its patented AUT system, UT Scan, which combines multiple NDT technologies in a single inspection. UT Quality also offers the full spectrum of other advanced NDT methods including computed radiography (CR), direct radiography (DR), real-time radiography (RTR), amongst other commonly used systems.

Conventional NDT

Conventional NDT techniques, such as radiography (RT), manual ultrasonic testing (UT), liquid penetrant testing (PT), magnetic particle testing (MPT) and more, are all standard services UT Quality provides.

Technical Support

Technical Support extends from consultation services to engineering and project management. Where our consultation services ensure much of the planning and assessment of the appropriate NDT method of the product being tested. Our engineering team addresses any technicalities, optimization opportunities, and the development of the procedure, software, and/or equipment to best test the product. And finally, we provide a seamless and transparent project management experience. Everything from onsite supervision to personnel training, document control, and QA/QC.

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Leadership Team

UT Quality’s leadership team has significant experience across the pipeline and facility inspection chain.